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Rosemary Ilardi-Ellis

Rosemary has a wonderful clear teaching style. Warm, strong and inspiring.


She began teaching Pilates in 2013 and is comprehensively certified through Power Pilates.  She also studied at The Romana Pilates training Center with Iris Saloman and Vandy Lipman. Her mentors are Lesly Levi, Stephanie Kren and Jordana Herman. Rosemary is inspired by the classical training and teaches true to the method. 



She is a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) from the Laban Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (2005). and she studied ballet with Maralyn Miles as well as modern dance and yoga.  Involved with Sacred Dance for many years, Rosemary performed with The Omega Dance Company and Dance Choirs in New York City and elsewhere. 

Rosemary is a Senior Software Engineer, extending her movement analysis expertise to the virtual sphere.  She knows the classical Pilates method which focuses on strengthening core muscles for a stronger more flexible spine will improve alignment and mind-body integrity.  Strength, flexibility, stamina, better posture and overall physical wellbeing is what Pilates can do for you. Letting the beautiful person you are shine through for an even more beautiful body.


  • Power Pilates

  • Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) from the Laban Barrtenieff Inst.

  • Professional Dance background