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Anna DiPace-Zullo 


I have 28 years of pilates practice under my belt plus more than 17 years teaching experience. I totally care about you, the student. I want you to have the best work out and that means no filler. No fake pilates. No knockoff pilates I'm the real deal....

I have a BA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and a Master's degree from The New School For Social Research. 

Early on I was a competitive gymnast, then studied at The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. Hooked on Pilates after my introduction in 1989. I continued practicing for 13 years before I decided to become a teacher.  I'm comprehensively certified in two schools and have numerous other credits and advanced trainings. In addition I have modeled in 8 pilates videos.

My mentors worked significantly with Joe and Clara Pilates (the creator of the Pilates method), Romana Kryzanowska & Carola Trier.

 I have studied numerous forms of movement such as Yoga, Tai chi, The Alexander Technique, The Feldenkrais Method and Gyrotonic. I believe Pilates to be the superior method for fitness and posture. I approach each student with an eye towards balance, strength and grace.

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Steven Whitaker

Steve Whitaker has 25 years experience in the fitness & wellness industry teaching yoga, Tai Chi/QiQigong, Spin, Pilates and as a Flexologist. He’s motivated and inspired when he creates balance strength, clarity and vitality to his clients. 


Your goals are his mission. He see’s you as the individual you are and with his fine eye he focuses the Pilates method to each individuals strengths and weaknesses. Resulting in a strong and flexible body


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