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I have been a student of Anna's for many years now. She is a remarkable teacher and person with an amazing knowledge of the body. Totally enjoy my Pilates workout!   

Susan Falco Pound Ridge, NY


Anna's customized approach to Pilates is what makes her studio so special. Her extensive understanding of anatomy combined with her exquisite intuition allows her to adjust and fine tune each session to her client's needs. Her one-on-one sessions are focused, strenuous, never repetitive, and rewarding beyond measure. Anna is a superb teacher; she is patient, encouraging, non judgmental, and compassionate. Her belief in the power of Pilates to transform how you physically move through the world is evident in the commitment and joy she brings to her work. Anna is as excited about working with a novice as she is with an experienced warrior, so if you are seeking a Pilates studio look no further. Pilates Pound Ridge is it!

Ani Dorian Greenwich Ct.

My wife and I do duets with Anna and she has amazing knowledge of the human body. She knows just how to teach each of us and we have very different abilities and limitations. I always feel 1 inch taller and 100% better after seeing Anna. If you don't know about pilates -Anna is a great choice and has a kind and supportive energy.

          Robert Knorr, Pound Ridge NY​

I’ve been doing Pilates for years, and Anna is by far the best experience I’ve had. She has created a program geared to my physical needs.                 

 Melanie Rothenberg, NYC & Pound Ridge

“One of the best things I’ve ever done"

Ebie Wood, Pound Ridge NY

Exercising with Anna has been so effective. I didn't think I could possibly feel so good, strong and flexible. My pants are looser and not only has my waist trimmed, my bottom is more lifted. The best exercise regime ever!!! 

Sara Gershon, Katonah


Anna's Classes ROCK.  Hands down. 

Karen Warren Director of Household Affairs, Mama of TWO

Anna’s classes are small and intimate and I love the incredible personal attention I get in every one.  Not only do I get a great work out geared toward my body but I am able to address every little pain or creak in my body purely by mentioning it to her; you name it and she has an exercise for it that will give you relief!  Before pilates with Anna I didn’t really know my body, especially my belly and core which were almost foreign to me.  Through her classes I have been able to integrate the inner muscles of my body with the outside and I feel more aware and fully connected to my physical self every day. The result is that I feel more in control of my body, My health and well being. I started with Anna having never done pilates before in my life but just knowing that I wanted to tone my body and get healthier as the aging process continues.  Two years later I am in 100% better shape and I treasure my weekly pilates classes as my time to unwind stress and rejuvenate my body at the same time.  I highly recommend her classes to anyone at any age and any stage of their exercise regimen.

 Valerie Price, Pound Ridge, NY


Wow, Anna DiPace-Zullo of Pound Ridge Pilates really whipped me in shape after having my third child!  Her ability to motivate through instruction, know ledge of anatomy and hands on approach really helped me get through the challenges of postnatal core ick.  I am stronger and have more muscle definition then ever before.  

Sallie Steltet, Pound Ridge NY

 After 5 months of Pilates classes at Pilates Pound Ridge I have noticed a marked improvement in my posture.  The classes are fast moving and challenging, yet there is a lot of individual attention within the class structure.  My flexibility has also improved greatly. After not playing golf all winter, I played 2 days in a row and nothing hurt!  Thanks Anna.

Linda Pierce, Bedford NY

I have known and worked with Anna for over 5 years.  She is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable in Pilates and exercise.  She keeps the workouts interesting and fun.  I love working out in her studio. 

 Sharon Weiner, Pound Ridge


Exercising with Anna Zullo at Pilates Pound Ridge is a pleasure. The consummate professional, Anna pays rapt attention to form and individual capabilities of each of her students while teaching Pilates and related exercise techniques. While I have worked with many other trainers, Anna's thorough approach and unique techniques have provided me with the most effective exercise I have ever experienced. She is prompt, timely, and rigorous--while staying pleasant and supportive throughout. I'm very grateful for the time I can spend with her exercising, and recommend her highly.

Laurie Johnson, Pound Ridge NY

Three years ago I had a very close relationship with my chiropractor.  I was seeing him between two and three times a week to alleviate my lower back pain caused by a physically demanding job.  He suggested that I work on strengthening my abs.  The following week I took my first Pilates class out on the East End of Long Island. I have been practicing Pilates faithfully, a minimum of once a week for 3 years.  I now only see my chiropractor once every few months.


When I moved to Westchester from the Hamptons over a year ago, the search was on to find a new Pilates instructor.  I practiced in various studios, but found I was not getting the results I wanted...then I found Anna at Pilates Pound Ridge.


From day one, I knew that I had found a great instructor!  Anna quickly got to understand my body and its strengths and weaknesses.  She challenges me in every session while being mindful of my limitations and working to strengthen the areas where I need the most help.  Since working with Anna, I have lost 18 pounds and have dropped 2 dress sizes!


What I also appreciate about Anna is that her sessions are not a social hour.  She is warm, friendly and talkative before the session starts, but as soon as that workout begins, she is all business.  I have never left the studio feeling as though I didn’t get my money’s worth.  I always leave feeling stronger, longer, refreshed and ready to start my day!

Anna is a true gem to the world of Pilates.  She is one of the best instructors with whom I have worked.

Dana Minuta, Private Chef

Anna is a wonderful pilates instructor.  Whether you are in a private class or a group lesson, it feels like her entire focus is on you.   I take both formats, and really can’t tell the difference.  She always has her eyes on me, making sure I have the proper position, and that I am getting the most of my workout.  She thinks on her feet, and adapts your program for you if you are injured or just not feeling up to your potential that day.  She is very warm and friendly, and not at all intimidating like some other trainers I have encountered.   I highly recommend signing up for pilates with Anna at Pilates Pound Ridge!                                      

Shari Wolf Ruckh


“I really enjoy working out at Pilates Pound Ridge.  It’s an intense practice in a peaceful setting. I always feel challenged during and invigorated afterwards. I highly recommend it”

JT Moody

“Practicing Pilates with Anna was such a wonderful experience for me. After having my second child I thought I’d have to live with my “mommy” body- but after working for several months with Anna I had my pre-baby body back as well as a confidence that I achieved so much more.  I really miss working with her”

Nicole Gagnon


Caring, personal attention to individual problems and flexible schedule. Sessions are varied and enjoyable.”  

Irene Loew

“Through Anna’s Pilates, I feel stronger, more energetic and toned. It is a calming way to start my day.”                                                    

Susan McDowel

I just had a baby and needed to fit into a dress for a black tie benefit.  The dress was too small.  After Pilates with Anna three times a week for four weeks- I was amazed how the dress fit. It looked great.

Karen Carrers


​“I use to wake up in the morning like a cripple. My feet would hurt. Pilates has healed me!  Anna is the best and her studio is fabulous!

Lauren Smith


​“A friend of mine said I know we are suppose to get shorter as we age but you have gotten taller.”         Susan Falco


​“I stand up taller than I ever did before.”

Kristine Stoker


​“It’s funny,  when I get into my car after a pilates session with Anna, I always have to readjust my mirror.”Karen Warren

studio: 917-841-1218 


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