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Semi Private (4 to 6 students)

 Tower/Mat/Barrels, Small props  reformer depending on group dynamics


Tuesday & Thursday 10AM


Drop-in $70

Package of 10 @ $650

8 weeks (no make ups) both days $800

RSVP Required 


  • improves mobility

  • strengthens the muscles

  • reduces stress

  • strengthens the middle of the body

  • Relieves chronic back and joint complaints

  • improves balance and coordination

  • improves stamina

  • forms a slim waist and figure

forms a slim waist and figure

  • stimulates blood circulation and metabolism

  • increases the performance in sports

  • ensures an upright posture

    • supports the regression after pregnancy

  • increases self-confidence

  • improves oxygen uptake

  • prevents osteoporosis

  • Tightens the connective tissue

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