Private, duet and small groups

by appt. only


Beginner level class

Monday's @1PM No class 5/11

Open level class

Monday's @6PM (Rosemary)


You can!

There's so many different Pilates exercises you can do, with or without props!!! And we can tailor something especially for you.

Joseph Pilates called his method CONTROLOGY. It's complete coordination of body, breath and mind.

It is the mind that moves the body.


 Before the apparatus he created  his incredible mat system. (And don't worry if you feel you aren't coordinated--many people feel that way at first). It is a practice. Each day is different and you will grow from each experience.

We will guide you and you will feel GREAT!

NOW IS THE TIME Feel powerful and vital! 

If you have a Reformer, Wunda Chair or Tower
We can still give you an awesome work out!
You can also use Pilates circles, foam rollers, balls of all sizes, theta-bands, blocks, and other props to give you an amazing session!

Mat class-$15 per or $125 for a 10 Pack

Privates sessions: $125 per

$118 per session when purchasing a 10 Pack